Building for Climate Change Adaptation in India

Learn about the importance of resilient design principles in mitigating the impacts of climate change on India’s built environment, from extreme weather events and rising sea levels to heatwaves and urban flooding.

The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Real Estate

Explore the interplay between transportation infrastructure and real estate development in India’s rapidly growing cities, from metro rail networks and bus rapid transit systems to integrated transport hubs and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes.

Adapting Commercial Real Estate to Changing Needs

Explore the evolution of India’s commercial real estate sector as businesses adapt to remote work trends, flexible office arrangements, and the growing demand for collaborative, amenity-rich workspaces.

Innovations Driving Accessible Living in India

Explore how India’s affordable housing sector is undergoing a transformation, fueled by innovative construction techniques, financing models, and government incentives aimed at addressing the country’s housing shortage.

Trends Shaping India’s Real Estate Market

Delve into the complexities of India’s real estate sector as we analyze emerging trends, market dynamics, and investment opportunities amidst evolving economic and regulatory landscapes.